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A.F.E.C.O’s tactical response team is ready to counter post-human terror threats.

The Australian Federal Extra-Normal Civil Operatives (AFECO) was created in 1981 to coordinate Australian post-humans in defending against foreign & domestic extra-normal aggressors.

AFECO is responsible to the Minister for Post-human Affairs, a ministerial position outside the federal cabinet and subordinate to the Attorney-General under the Australian Federal Post-human Act 1981.

Our responsibilites include:

  • Coordinating post-human registrations nationwide in accordance with the Super Samaritans Law.
  • Investigating complex, trans-national and organised crime involving posthumans.
  • Protecting Australians and Australian interests from terrorism and violent extremism post-human and otherwise.
  • Representing Australian extra-normal operatives and law enforcement on an international level.
  • Developing unique capabilities and exploiting advanced technology to support Australia’s national interests.
  • To uphold Australia‚Äôs responsibilities and obligations to the Treaty of Yaren.(Treaty of Yarren is the common name for the South Pacific Artificial-PostHuman-Free Zone) and PNT (Post-human Non-aggression Treaty) Extra-normal operatives are based in each Australian state and territory capital city, internationally and form the largest component of AFECO staff, federal agents chiefly perform criminal investigative duties.

A.F.E.C.O. apprehending a terror cell attempting to import E.Y.C.E. ingredients in Melbourne’s docklands.

Current areas of focus for the AFECO:

  • Illicit augmented-drug trafficking
  • Serious major fraud against the government using post-human abilities High-tech crime involving information technology and communications Prevention, countering and investigation of terrorism
  • Transnational and multi-jurisdictional post-human crime
  • Illegal experimentation and augmentation of post-human abilities on citizens
  • Organised post-human crime

Extended operations include extra-normal aid during natural disasters and scientific research at A.F.E.C.O. Laboratories.