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The Sons of Azriel (SOA – Arabic:ابناء عزرئيل) is a post-human jihadist militant group follows a fundamentalist, Salafi doctrine of Sunni Islam. Its adoption of the name the ‘Sons of Azriel’ is a mistranslation of Azrael “مَلَكُ المَوْتِ” (Malak Al-Mawt) meaning “Angel of Death”.

The group has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations and many individual countries. SOA is widely known for its videos of executions using post-human abilities of both soldiers and civilians, including journalists and aid workers. The United Nations holds SOA responsible for human rights abuses and war crimes as well as violations of the P.N.T. (Post-human Non-aggression Treaty) by deliberately exposing civilians to various forms of radiation and ‘super’ drugs such as E.Y.C.E.

SOA was founded in 2003 as a small support group to al-Qaeda to aid against the western led ‘Multi-National Force’ during the Iraq Insurgency. However, may of the Salafist forces in al-Qaeda would reject the SOA, as they believed their post-human abilities were a form of witchcraft. SOA gained global prominence in mid-2016 when it drove Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham forces out of Mosul, and established itself as a key (un-recognised) proto-state in Western Iraq.

As a caliphate, SOA claims religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide. The post-human members believed themselves to be the sons of Angel of Death, and that they are following the commands of Allah, who instructs them to take the souls of ‘unbelievers’. SOA’s key leaders and Caliph’s are post-human, however their on-the-ground forces are a mixture of both post-human and normal combatants known as ‘Sub-ordinates’.

SOA claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile terrorist attacks outside Iraq and Syria, including in Berlin, Turkey, Russia, Frances, England. In 2014 a SOA cell was raided by A.F.E.C.O. team working alongside the AFP during the counter-terrorism raids in Sydney. Following the raids, two members of ISIL and one SOA member was arrested. In 2021, another SOA cell was raided with the arrest of 6 members.


The abuse of the augmented narcotic E.Y.C.E. (Ethyl Yttria Cadmium Ethenate) continues to expand throughout the world. In particular, it has devastated rural communities in Australia where young men are particularly susceptible to the promise of increase ‘super-powers’.

Authorities are attempting to find the source of E.Y.C.E. which has become increasingly available in our rural and remote communities where it has had devastating effects. Entire towns have been destroyed in the aftermath of single individuals losing control o f their newfound powers.

The main dangers of E.Y.C.E. lie in the complete randomness of the transformation that it triggers in the user, including schizophrenic episodes and complete shutdown of the cerebral cortex. While some users can experience little to no adverse effects, others can lose their minds entirely, lose control of their new ‘powers’ and harm others in the process.

If you know someone who is abusing E.Y.C.E. please contact the national hotline and report it as soon as possible. It is not worth the risk!


Category: Post-Human

Shuster and Siegel Classification Class: A

Post-Human category: Power Sourcing – Nuclear Absorption (alpha (α), beta (β) and gamma (γ))

Powers: Super strength, flight, high durability, tactile telekinesis, extra sensory perception, Gamma eye beams.

The individual identifying himself only as ‘Samson’ attacked Federation Square in Melbourne during the A.F.E.C.O. Australia day demonstration 26th February 2021, killing 12. A.F.E.C.O. intelligence has confirmed that Samson is a lone-actor terrorist, acting outside any known command structure without material assistance from any group. Samson is believed to be an Australian born citizen.

If you have any information of knowledge of Samson’s whereabouts, DO NOT ENGAGE OR CONFRONT SAMSON. SUSPECT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. CONTACT A.F.E.C.O. IMMEDIATELY.


Category: Unknown

Shuster and Siegel Classification Class: Unknown

Post-Human category: Unknown

Powers: Unknown

Rand is a rogue vigilante operating outside of the Super Samaritan Law. Although little is known about the extent of his extra-normal abilities his activities have thwarted Australian Federal Police, ASIO and other intelligence agencies and A.F.E.C.O. is tasked with his capture.

Rand’s political views are libertarian/anarchist.

Rand’s first known appearance is 2013 in Kings Cross Sydney where he intercepted a shipment of Post-Human Power Nullifiers which he subsequently stole.

Rand is responsible for various acts of vigilantism including the obstruction of A.F.E.C.O. investigations, violation of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979, violation of the Australian Federal Extra-normal Civil Operatives Authorised-official Secret Identity Cover Act 1983, violation of the Intelligence Services Act 2001 (ISA), violation of the Super Samaritan Act 1959, violation of the Summary Offences Act 1966.

Summary Offences Act 7A, 215 counts of assault, 100 counts of destruction of A.F.E.C.O. property, 115 counts of destruction of Government property, 10 counts of theft of Australian Defence Force equipment, 10 counts of theft of A.F.E.C.O. equipment, 120 counts of vandalism, 6 counts of cyber-terrorism & espionage.

Rand tends to operate mainly in Victoria, but has been spotted in Queensland, Western Australia and ACT.

If you have any information of knowledge of Rand’s whereabouts, DO NOT ENGAGE OR CONFRONT RAND. CONTACT A.F.E.C.O. IMMEDIATELY.